Laser engraving a lighter

Lighters have always been a wonderful souvenir and are a classical man's gift not only to close people, but also to colleague and to a business partner. And laser engraving will allow to make a simple imperceptible lighter into a unique and stylish accessory which will be estimated by any man.

Our experienced specialists are ready to apply warm wishes, a memorable date, a name of the owner, a symbol, drawing and everything you want. The unique technology of a laser engraving will allow to apply image of any complexity, even a photo. And the process takes only a few minutes which you enjoy staying in our office.

The laser engraving can be made almost on any lighter, and the drawing method won't spoil a thing due to very high precision of the modern laser equipment.

Previously it is possible to see photos of the executed works, and also to see engraving process on the video. It will dispel all your doubts. Call us or leave an order via our website, and we will contact you.




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